Une ferme hors du commun – Farming for the future

Welcome to Les Jardins Glenelm, a farm that’s been two years in the making, some would say much longer…

We believe that small is beautiful – our farm is tiny by modern standards, only a 1/2 acre this year, with a planned expansion for a full acre in 2016. Even our vegetables tend to be small, mostly because they look and taste better…

We carefully select varieties that are well adapted to our climate and rich clay soil, while producing full-grown vegetables with a more concentrated taste:  Mini-sweet peppers, baby zucchini’s with the flowers attached, baby mesclun greens, baby eggplants, mushrooms,  lebanese cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes that simply blow grocery-store tomatoes away for colour and taste…

Ok so the tomatoes may not be especially small (some are quite huge!), however the reason we’re able to produce them is because our farm is. So we can give them the attention they need in order to become those perfect purple, orange, red or striped tomatoes with that insanely tasty, sweet/tart balance and complexity that makes you want to eat them by the slice.

We grow to organic standards, though we’re not yet certified (working on it)! Many vegetables are already in the ground with many more to come – the greenhouse is going up, the beds are being built, the mushrooms are being cultured, the edible flowers will soon be blooming.  We mostly sell our awesome veggies to local restaurants as well as the Huntingdon, QC farmers market, Wednesday afternoons.

Come check us out, and visit this page often for updates on our conversion “from meadow to market garden.”


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