On your mark, get set, go!

The 2016 weekly vegetable baskets season is officially upon us!  People have lots of different reasons for signing up, but the most common are:

  1. Eating healthier and better: Our produce is more nutritious because it is guaranteed 11825643_1659923160899072_7670803235709257871_nultra fresh, and grown without any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers (though we do use organic compost, lots of it)!  For those reasons alone, it tastes better than regular produce, but we also spend the off-season searching out the absolute tastiest, most nutritious and awesome-looking varieties you can find.  These are NOT your typical veggies.
  2. Supporting local farmers and families. People like knowing that when they spend money, it’s benefiting local people and communities, not some place they’ve never seen. As basket subscribers you get to meet us, the farmers, every week, ask us questions, discover new recipes, get deals, and know we’re going to turn around and support the community too.

To see the contents of our baskets click here, to sign up click here, or ask us any questions you’d like at info@jardinsglenelm.com

Sign up before April 15th and get 20% off all extra produce at the kiosk (garlic, storage veggies, extra greens, heirloom tomatoes, etc). See you soon!


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